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Enhance your turf care with

Perfect Cut

The robot mowers provide the perfect cut, for healthier greener grass. The blades of the robotic mower are as sharp as a scalpel and cut the grass into very fine particles.

Eco Friendly

Up to 90% less energy consumed, reduced noise and CO2 emissions, helps reduce your carbon footprint.

No More Chores

AMS robotic mowers eliminate the need for lawn-mowing chores, saving considerable time for owners, gardeners, and maintenance personnel.


You can save between 10 - 50%. Do the maths with our AMS sales team. No labour, no fuel, no waste removal, no machine moving costs, etc.

Turf Friendly

The robots are lightweight meaning less impact damage on the outfield. Regular mowing.


World's leading robot for large areas.

BigMow is used on grass areas all over Europe, in Japan and in the USA.

With the ability to cut areas up to 24,000 m2, BigMow gently manicures gardens, the grounds of stately homes and company grounds, to the delight of their owners.

It is also used for special applications such as grass farms and water reservoirs. The robotic mower’s low power consumption means that it beats all the records for energy savings.

The BigMow can do what little robots can't.

A single BigMow can mow a sports pitch or large garden in just a few hours when they are not in use.

It’s uncompromising cutting method is obtained thanks to its five floating heads, which adapt perfectly to the contours of the terrain.

It’s all powerful robust design means it rarely becomes stuck on challenging areas.

The BigMow is also very cost-effective because it is much cheaper than buying a tractor mower or several small robots with a lower performance specification. The BigMow is also very quiet and emits only 52 dB.

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ParcMow The Durable Robot Mower For Green Spaces

ParcMow is capable of maintaining up to 12000m2 of turf completely autonomously. So is recommended for large green spaces, public spaces and private grounds.

Works Day & Night
ParcMow is fitted with 3 floating cutting heads that adapt instantly to the ground's elevation. There are a total of 9 stainless steel blades that provide perfect, constant mulching. Fitted with 5 sonars, the automower will instantly deactivate its cutting system if it encounters an obstacle. A cutting width of 633mm for uniform, ensures safe working.


Mow To Your Own Schedule

ParcMow automatically monitors the maintenance of your green spaces, without the need for human intervention. It’s quiet-running and ecological action is combined with reduced usage costs. The charging process conducted at a low voltage station is automated and safe. It provides a durable mow for your green space and generates an average annual energy consumption of barely 580 kWh.

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World exclusive in range ball collection

  • Automates the collecting of golf balls at driving ranges

  • Minimal human intervention required, generating significant savings

  • Staff can be redeployed to other tasks and activities

  • Protects personnel from injury

  • Driving range opening hours are no longer impacted by ball collection

No Hassle Setup – AMS technicians will come out and deal with all aspects of the installation and leave you with a fully commissioned and operating solution.


Remote Controlled - The autonomous ball collector can be programmed via your smartphone. You can send requests to stop/start ball collections via the Belrobotics App. The robot will also send you an alert if there are any malfunctions.


Weather-proof – Ball Picker is made of robust materials and can continue to collect in reasonable weather conditions

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